Interview with Warren Hatter on local government and low carbon policies

It’s not often I get asked to do an interview. So I was happy to oblige with some answers when asked recently. This is what I said about local government, carbon and climate (and a little on behavioural sciences), prompted by questions from Manchester Climate Monthly.

manchester climate monthly

Warren Hatter is a London-based consultant and commentator with a special interest – and many years experience – in local government and carbon policy. MCFly co-editor Marc Hudson asks him a few questions…

Is local government where it needs to be on climate change, compared to the hopes that were around when the Nottingham Declaration was created?
You’d be surprised if I said that local government now was brilliantly addressing climate change, and I won’t let you down on that. You’re right about the Nottingham Declaration (in 2000) though. There was a lot of optimism, wasn’t there? I recall that those were more optimistic times generally around local government, which is a factor; I bet professionals in many fields would say that local government is a less hopeful place now than then. A new government had come to power with promises of devolving responsibility to local government (this might sound familiar!)…

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