Core Duty?

A good event at the LGA tonight, which sparked lots of thoughts and reminded of several things as well. I’m going to pick on just one. It was good to meet Alexis Rowell again, who stood for election and became a councillor (in Camden) purely because of his motivation to do something about climate change. This reminded me of something I was muttering about a year or two ago – that, from now on, every council member on election should see their core duty as ensuring the future viability of the area, or somesuch wording to encompass being sustainable and addressing both the mitigation and adaptation aspects of climate change. Whether through central legislation or through action by the local government ‘family’, we need to find a way. To me, this is all part of one of my main themes, namely making sure we do not address climate change as ‘just another agenda’, competing for priority with other activities. (Not quite) in the words of Bill Shankly – it’s more fundamental than that.